Instructor BIO:

Several years of enthusiastic Philippines martial arts practice in Barcelona during his early 20’s, led him to follow the track of the aesthetic beauty and effectiveness of Indonesian fighting styles named Pencak silat.

Being a rough traveler during the last decade due to the very small amount of people teaching those, his will to broaden knowledge about these fighting methods moved him to a vast list of distant countries all over the world: Singapore, Malaysia, Switzerland, Indonesia, UK… Having the chance to meet or living during months with the top exponents in various styles, he could not only improve his fighting capabilities, but also more important: dancing, fitness or culture.
Now a couple of years teaching workshops, social activities or personalized instruction … through this decade he always made room to train different disciplines: Jeet Kune Do, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Wing Chun, or Systema -some of them during short months, some of them during long years.

Firm believer in training as a way of pushing oneself boundaries and improving. His concerns are highly oriented towards street safety and efficiency. He is also a passionate firearms shooter, and physical ordeals participant.

– « I get the joy out of teaching fighting, not from teaching people the skills to fight, but the attitude to fight in your life. »